Can’t find paintings by text? Draw it!

Min Zhang, UK

The digitization of artworks raises a set of interesting topics about making the art accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. People visit the Museum and went through the artworks hung on the wall of the Museum, then they forget the details of those artworks. Visitors may only have a vague big picture of the work of art in their minds, and they could not search for it by text (title, artist, in which museum etc.).
We developed an Android Mobile App, ‘A is for Art’, to help the general public find paintings by using free-hand drawings on the touch-screen phones. We aim to explore new and interesting ways to involve more people with the visual arts and bridge the gaps between the viewers and the artworks.
A preliminary expert evaluation of the usability of the app was undertaken, and we used feedback from the experts' evaluation to refine the App's user interface to be more user-friendly. A field user study is also being conducted. From both the development and the evaluation phases, the project discovered several design principles for building touch-screen drawing Apps.

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