Curious: Curators and the Web

Eric Espig, Qatar

This follow-up to the MW2013 conference paper, presented in Portland, USA: In line, Online: Curator buy-in starting from the ground up, Curious: Curators and the Web summarizes the three tools developed by the museum as part of the experimental Curious project undertaken to leverage the generated curator web publishing "buy-in" previously discussed.

1) Custom WordPress dashboard for curators

The usability of WordPress CMS dashboard, however friendly to web developers and bloggers, is an identified barrier to curators self-publishing content to the Web. As part of Curious the WP dashboard was streamlined and tailored to encourage use and to provide curators with a more comfortable and intuitive web publishing experience.

2) Curious

Publicly facing, an online magazine monthly magazine, a "meta-blog", and a museum news aggregator; Curious' backend also acts as a way to monitor, manage, and aggregate the content generated in WP and Twitter by the project's more than 40 contributors (curators as well as archivists, programmers, designers)

3) Mobile applications

The iOS and Android apps were developed as an added value or incentive to museum membership. Based on an Apple "Newsstand" model. These apps, for the first time, provide a channel directly from our curators to the mobile devices of our members. New editions are pushed to members monthly as well as "Top News" when needed.

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