It’s Getting Crowded in Here…. Are We Having Funds Yet?

Leonard Steinbach, USA

Starting with a common baseline of knowledge about the use of crowdfunding for museum and cultural programs, exhibitions, and acquisitions, this session also explores the more nuanced aspects of this emerging phenomenon. Through the insights of the director of a Hong Kong-based crowdfunding site as well as those who have experienced the process, practical insights will be shared. The magic mix of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards for contributors that characterize successful projects will be discussed. The ways in which museums must suddenly become transparent and responsive will be illuminated. Perhaps most germane, the panel will explore the special cultural, civic, and structural factors particular to Asian countries that challenge the crowd funding model that has proven so successful in North America and Europe. Brief presentations and cross-pane discussion will be followed by a robust Q&A session and general audience discussion.

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