Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive: A comprehensive digital archival strategy for intangible heritage

Sarah Kenderdine, Australia/Hong Kong , Hing Chao, Hong Kong

A panel led by Sarah Kenderdine (NIEA UNSW/CityU) and Hing Chao (International Guoshu Association) together with experts on Chinese intangible cultural heritage. This session includes live performances!

The Hong Kong Martial Arts Living Archive is a collaboration between the International Guoshu Association and Cityu Hong Hong. The project encompasses the first-ever comprehensive digital strategy of archiving and annotating Hong Kong’s diverse and rich kung fu styles and traditions using state-of-the art data capture tools. In addition, this archive will become the wellspring of exhibitions and installations that promulgate rich cultural traditions, as well as mobile apps and other digital learning tools. The archive, with comprehensive metadata, descriptions and physical annotations, will also be a vital source of ongoing research.

The Hong Kong Martial Arts Archive is a groundbreaking project to develop a sophisticated methodology for the complete 4-dimensional analysis of Hong Kong martial arts applicable to numerous other performance-based activities (e.g. all marital arts and performing arts). It builds upon extensive work done in dance annotations.

"Hung Kuen, without a doubt, is a pillar of Southern Chinese martial arts and one of the most respected and widespread systems of kung fu in the world today. Yet, despite the information age of today and thousands of dedicated practitioners worldwide, there is hardly any literature out there documenting the art itself. How many out there truly understand the real art and the rich tradition of Hung Kuen or its fundamental tenets, principles and core techniques? Or know the factual information on its long, colourful and at times confusing history? Not forgetting its place in Chinese culture, philosophy and folklore..." – Hing Chao

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