Mudio: A Museum Guide System Using Inaudible High Frequencies in Mobile Devices

Jongkyu Shin, Republic of Korea

We propose a new method for museum guide systems, called Mudio, which is an application for mobile devices that utilizes inaudible, high frequency tones as a communication signal. This system substitutes existing museum guide systems that use technologies such as infrared sensors, QR codes, or any other manual input. In our proposed system, a near-field speaker is located near each piece of artwork and transmits mixed tones in the inaudible frequency range. The application filters interfering noise and pinpoints the signal coming from the nearest artwork, identifies the artwork, and requests the corresponding information from the server. This process is done automatically and seamlessly, requiring no input from the user. Experiments show that Mudio is highly accurate and robust to noise, with improved visitor experiences compared to traditional museum guides, indicating its feasibility in real-world museum environments.

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