MWAsia 2013: Proposal for a Pre-conference Workshop

Man Fong Chau, Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic & Democratic Movements in China (HKA) found in 1989 amidst the student movement in Beijing witnessed the incident and the crackdown on June 4th in China. Since then, the HKA has closely monitored the political development of China and documented and presented the events to the people of Hong Kong and beyond. Over 150,000 still gathered in Victoria Park for the 24th Anniversary Memorial candle light vigil under heavy rains this year demonstrated the importance of the event in the hearts of the people. In order to present the various aspects of the historical significant event and the continued social movement in Hong Kong for the rehabilitation of the June 4th , the HKA has maintained an archive of information and made annual documentation and presentation of materials to the public and run two temporary June 4th Memorial Museums in the past for public engagement. It is intended to develop the documentations on the web in combination of the permanent museum. We are sharing our experience with the audience to demonstrate how HKA was able to maintain its lone voice in the whole China on the Tiananmen Incident.

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