University Department’s Teaching Museums: Time for Transformation

Nargis Rashid, Pakistan

In the developed world countries, digital information whether it is academic or non academic, forms an increasingly large part of their cultural and intellectual heritage and offers significant benefits to users; whereas it is vice versa in developing countries.
As digital representations become more pragmatic and three-dimensional virtual experiences become part of our interpretative tool set, cultural heritage at Museums especially at University Department Museums are increasingly pressing issues of protection and of pedagogy. In Digital Age, Information Technology ought to be in common use in the Universities,instead it is just a mean to chat & seek leisure. How can we engage and make responsible our student communities into Internet Societies, while trying to keep pace with developing countries and toiling to get funds.
In this paper I will propose a plan for the Archaeological Teaching Museum for a transformation through Digital Documentation,through integrated, interactive Web-Sites, On Line Exhibitions and Web-based Learning a step towards the "Free Choice Learning". It will also organize the major issues that a museum must address when embarking on digital archiving and web publishing projects. This new relationship between electronic technologies and museums, has fundamentally questioned the traditional museum's orientation to objects. A course introducing a new situation or environment; which, I argue, would ultimately lead to the enhancement of museums image as A New Vision Museums instead of mausoleums in the first place.

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