Workshop: Digital Immersion

This workshop gives an introduction to the leading edge of technology in the cultural space and digital thinking for the new kinds of immersive, “embodied” experiences that are now possible both in museums and beyond.

Since the advent of location based entertainment as early as the 17th century (typified by all manner of optical devices, magic lanterns, various phantasmagorias, cabinets des curieux, wunderkammern, panoramic rotundas and kaiserpanorama, through to cinema, OmniMax, IMAX and beyond!), new technologies have inspired museums to explore new forms of cinematographic and video narratives, the opening of experimental acoustic spaces, and the shifting of artistic, scientific and curatorial praxis inside the ‘machines’ themselves, all driven by the desire for public engagement. Our cultural institutions are also seeking to develop new apparatus of experience (both software and hardware) for which there was no former demand, and engineer new stages for participatory performance never before conceived.

This sessions encourages museums to act as applied laboratories, nodes of experimentation for the cultural imaginary of our times. Using heterogeneous datasets representing intangible and tangible heritage, this talk unpacks recent projects by Dr Kenderdine and her colleagues at the Research Centre for Innovation in Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museum (iGLAM) and the Applied Laboratory for Interactive Visualization and Embodiment (ALiVE), City University, Hong Kong.