Finding our way with both hands: Interior location-based systems in museums

Nancy Proctor, USA

Museums have been using mobile technologies to provide interpretation and other content and experiences in their galleries for more than 60 years. In that time, a multitude of technologies for wayfinding and other interior location-based systems have been trialled, but consensus on a "universal design" that makes it easier for visitors, and especially those with disabilities, to find their way to what they seek in museums at a cost museums can afford, remains elusive.

Led by Nancy Proctor, this Forum invites vendors and museum technologists to discuss and debate the way forward for mobile indoor positioning development and use. As background reading, participants are invited to review Dr Proctor's summary of location-based technologies on offer in 2005: Off Base or On Target? The Pros and Cons of Wireless and Location-aware Applications in the Museum What new technologies are now available? Have the advantages and disadvantages of the long-standing options like wifi-based systems, bluetooth beacons and RFID changed? Where have they been implemented, and what are the results?

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