Techcooltour Augmented Reality for Promotion of Roman and Byzantine Itineraries

Jana Rodic, Serbia

Techcooltour is a crossmedia platform created within the Tech Tour project with the aim of offering innovative and engaging experiences at archaeological locations and cultural heritage sites. Financed by EU Commission, the project “TECH-TOUR / Technology and Tourism: Augmented Reality for Roman and Byzantine itineraries” aims to promote two historical trans-national EU cultural routes exploiting developed ICT tools and exploring new media potential in presentation of historical heritage.
Twelve archeological location are marked with interactive info boards that act as markers for augmented reality content, such as 3d reconstructions, videos, virtual guides, 360 degree panoramas and so on. The 12 archeological sites themselves, and the interpretative AR layers are specifically chosen to clearly communicate the advantages AR introduces in different contexts.
Interactive experience is further extended through interactive brochures and map, and also website offering in depth information on more then 40 historical sites.
The Techcooltour platform presents an innovative approach that brings together traditional and new media in presentation of archeological sites. bridging the gap between physical and digital in order to enable memorable, interactive and novel experience to the visitors.

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